I got permanent hair loss of the armpit and it became very beautiful

Let's depil hair for the summer ☆

Truly it is troublesome to handle hair. Moreover, in the summer, exposure also increases and it can not be beautiful even if it is processed, armpits become matter of concern.
But do you know that hair removal can be reasonably reasonable now unlike in the past? I was surprised to do campaigns etc. with various esthetics! It is! There is now also an epilator which can be done at home.
But it seems that people who are troublesome do not use it honestly.
The reason is that the laser part to be depilated is small, so it will be troublesome to do many times. Although it is not painful for me to handle by myself, the most unfortunate thing is that I can not care so I get frustrated, my hair is buried in my skin, I put it up with tweezers and hurt my skin Mattari ... It is the worst.
I really long for armpits of slippers like celebrities.
I decided to go to the esthetic.

Of course, I was doing campaign, there was a sense of cleanliness for reasonable esthetics, and I was relieved by the elder sisters who are feelable.
Wonder if they are solicited! Is it? I thought, but I did not mind at all.
After receiving counseling, I changed my clothes and slept on my bed and it ended quickly.
I painted a cold gel so it did not hurt at all.
I really recommend people who are wondering whether to remove hair ☆ I will recommend time depending on places to do, but armpits will really finish quickly and I should have gone as soon as I think now is.
It's cheap and there is no loss! Everyone please try it! It is!

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