I got permanent hair loss of the armpit and it became very beautiful

My esthetic & armpit hair loss experience!

I was attending an age in my early twenties (fifteen years ago).
I have worked as a caster on a local cable TV, and my figure reflected on TV is too ugly, even a little! There was a thought of.
At first I would like to take a hair depilation while I am talking if it is a diet course such as a whole body massage if it becomes a shape up even a little? It became a feeling.
When I go to the esthetics, the desire to be clearer and steadier increases. So I chose to challenge permanent hair removal of 'armpits', which is the most troublesome.

I was surprised at the height of that amount. Actually, I was young at that time, so I thought it would take naturally ... I made a loan without any mind.
Now, there are also places where permanent depilation of both armpits can be done with less than 100,000 yen, and I will be shocked when I see such advertisements.
What I said ... I applied for permanent depilation with both armpits! 700 thousand yen. It is too expensive! Even that pain! I was told that ""Because strength can be adjusted too, so it's okay"", but it does hurt so much. . . Every time it was cold sweat Dara ~.
I think that it was a needle removal method called a needle.
You stick a needle into the hair root of each one, and let the electricity flow. Still I managed to do my best and I went through for nearly a year. Meanwhile, marriage and pregnancy ・ ・ ・. Indeed it has become impossible to get through after having a child stomach.
I guess it's bristling. It seemed like I had to continue for another six months.
Plan is permanent hair loss. So, in fact, even if you go to esthetic now and do the same thing probably the price is zero but the shop where I was going through has gone, the store has been made 15 years ago I've lost my plan and I'm ashamed of going to another shop and having my work examined, I am anxious. I already want to go because my child is also an elementary school student, but I am in doubt.
If you pay a high amount of money, I'm sorry that I should have applied and apply for a bit more understanding of various things, system, and system.
Person who is depilated from now. It seems better to pay your money by checking what you want to do, budget, safety, etc.

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