I got permanent hair loss of the armpit and it became very beautiful

I am depilating the armpits.

For women, handling armpits is a serious problem.
I think that there are many people who really think that this is not necessary.
In particular, there are many troubles when it comes to puberty, but when it comes to hair it is more painful and troublesome.
However, I think that such troubles are not painful one by one by processing in a way suited to myself.
Most of my friends were razors.
I used a razor or a cream of medicine.
Even if we process on the previous day, we will have the morning of the day. Especially, it is the day of the pool. Bothering time, there is no time to show armpits, but there are preparation gymnastics when you are in the pool, so you can not hide it because it is a swimwear.
It was really troublesome.
At the time of high school I was doing the same way.

I learned that when I graduated from high school, I made a new friend and used hair removal machinery.
I also went to the electric shop.
I bought it immediately.
Since I can not become a beginner, it hurts a lot.

However, many women have tolerated the pain.
It is to become beautiful.
Oh my god, I tried my best.
The beginning was difficult but I get used to it.
And once hair removal is done, it does not come easy. It was truly funny.
There are various hair removal machines and methods, but it is really one person.
Along with my neighbors, this conversation will be in summer.
It seems that most people are razors.
Certainly, it is quick and easy.
There is no pain, and I can do it in the bath.
The method that suits me is good.