I got permanent hair loss of the armpit and it became very beautiful

I got permanent hair loss of the armpit and it became very beautiful

I thought that I was hairy at the time of my 4th grade of elementary school.
Somehow my feet looked very dark.
I was white in color and the body line was thin.
I think that it was a pretty feeling overall.
I think that my hair looked conspicuous because my skin was so beautiful even from my point of view.

But it was pointed out not only by me but also by my friends, so I thought that the hair was dark.
I borrowed my mother's safety razor secretly and shaved.

But when I shaved my hair became darker and it seemed to become durable hair.
Shaved hair quickly grows into scratchy hair and grows.
I do not want that tingling feeling, I shave hair immediately.
When I was doing it, my skin was razor losing or it was very itchy but it got very itchy.
I was completely feeling the cause of my skin trouble myself.

I ventured to consult my mother, but I was told that none of the hair is dark, but I tried it variously because I am concerned as well.
Depilation creams, depilation tapes, but they all tickled and become a cause of trouble.
When I become a junior high school student, a more serious problem has come up.
It is hair of armpits.
Because it is puberty, I became more interested than ever.

But since armpits is a very delicate place, it will tickle as soon as you do something.
I devoted myself to pulling hair anyway.

But it is a very difficult task to get out.
I knew that there was permanent hair removal at that time, I decided to do absolutely when I became an adult.
So I decided to use the money I got at work as an initial salary for the depilation of armpits' hair which was a wishful idea immediately.
With about 5 treatments armpits became very beautiful enough to make a mistake.
I felt that the smell of sweat did not become too much, and it was two stone with one stone.
You can wear sleeveless something without worrying about armpits anymore.
Since I was waiting for this day to come, I felt a refreshing feeling like being released from all my troubles.

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